Corporate Business Development

With product portfolios strained to historic levels, the need to access external sources of growth has never been greater. The challenge for senior executives is executing a stream of strategically sound, accretive transactions in the face of blistering competition and escalating asset prices.

Infusion’s strengths in both strategy and corporate development are uniquely suited to this challenge. Infusion’s value-driven approach emphasizes identifying strategic transactions with the potential to generate unique and superior partner value. Our goal: Create opportunities with the potential for outsized returns while avoiding value-exhausting bidding contests.

The Infusion Difference

  • Value-Driven - Infusion offers a value-driven approach to business development that emphasizes creation and identification of strategic transactions with the potential to generate unique and superior partner value.
  • Experience – Infusion principals bring experience in licensing, mergers & acquisitions, co-promotion and joint venture transactions.
  • Objective Counsel - As a strategy firm, we are compensated for our guidance – and not transaction fees – eliminating a potential conflict of interest. “Free” work by a banker carries a very steep price when it’s the wrong transaction.

Infusion Corporate Business Development Services

Infusion offers a full range of services to the corporation seeking to successfully complement internal growth with value-creating external growth opportunities.

  • Business Development Strategy – Market-feasible growth acceleration strategies that effectively leverage current assets and capabilities.
  • Value-Driven Opportunity Identification & Assessment - Structured approach to identifying and screening client opportunities with superlative value creation potential.
  • Partnering Strategy & Execution – Identification of high-value prospective partners, development of approach strategy, initial contact as appropriate, deal structure and negotiation support.
  • Strategic Transactions Support – Commercial due diligence and valuation of mission-critical transactions.

Selected Infusion Corporate Business Development Engagements

  • Develop a business development strategy for a fast-growing hospital company; identify and qualify brand and corporate acquisition targets to operationalize the strategy.
  • Complete technical and commercial due diligence for a proposed multi-party hospital device alliance.
  • Identify product acquisition opportunities for a primary care company seeking to expand into the specialty pharmaceuticals market.
  • Develop a partnering strategy and partner business case for the owner of a low-share/high-potential brand unable to self-fund a 10x expansion of capabilities.
  • Complete the market assessment, valuation and due diligence for the licensing of a high acuity physician-administered brand.