Infusion Strategic Research

For years, Infusion has built strategy consulting engagements on a bedrock of exceptional research which has impressed clients with its depth, reliability and clarity. Clients have relied on Infusion research in an array of mission critical situations including key investment decisions, brand turnarounds, the support of offering memoranda and in preparation for matters before key regulatory bodies.

Infusion Strategic Research is grounded in our belief –and backed by our experience – that the involvement of senior level consultants directly in the research process can produce findings of unusually rich insight. From asking the right questions, to correctly interpreting the findings, and to seeing the opportunities that lie within, that additional perspective pays large dividends.

The Infusion Difference

Three elements distinguish Infusion Strategic Research:

  • Senior Consultant Involvement - Our consultants first bring senior level experience in marketing research, equity research, competitive intelligence and financial analysis. To this they add the perspective and results orientation of management consulting strategists. The results are powerful.
  • Breadth of Tools – Many Infusion clients serve highly specialized markets that are inadequately (or misleadingly) addressed by standard industry research tools. Of necessity, we have assembled an array of innovative data sources and analytic tools to enable clients to make decisions with greater confidence.
  • Subject Matter Expertise – Armed with both market and clinical expertise, Infusion consultants are quick studies, well-attuned to the important subtleties of a response and their implications. They can confidently challenge specialists, and shift gears quickly to pursue a promising new direction.

Infusion Client Advantages

  • Unmatched Insight – Clients want much more than data, they want answers and opportunities. Our research helps clients to gain vital new perspectives on their current businesses and to understand the road ahead in making important new investment decisions.
  • Concise, Actionable Output – Clients expect us to get to the point in solving their problems, not write books. Our executive summary and recommendations rarely exceed two pages and it is not unusual for an entire meeting to revolve around a single slide. From there, we’ll take you as deep into the data as you’d like to go.
  • Time Urgency – We understand that the most important decisions often need to be made the quickest. With an experienced staff and an array of syndicated data sources on tap, we can often commence high priority engagements almost immediately, providing top line readings as we go. In the extreme, alternating teams have worked literally around the clock.
  • Value – Our fees reflect the level of consulting expertise we bring to bear — as do the results. Yet in some situations, we may be able to suggest a more cost efficient approach to meeting your requirements, thus lowering total cost.

Infusion Strategic Research Services

Infusion is qualified to address a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research requirements in those situations where a traditional research provider may be deemed insufficient.

Typical engagements include:

  • Market Landscape Assessment - Analysis of current status and growth dynamics from the perspective of patient, prescriber, payor and competitors.
  • New Product/Indication Potential - Market sizing, characterization and penetration potential; product development implications.
  • Sales Forecasting – Objective third party sales forecasting; an honest broker in resolving potential discrepancies in outlook between business partners.
  • Due Diligence – Validation of business case assumptions; identification of issues that may compromise or enhance future asset value.