Brand & Corporate Strategy Innovation

The healthcare products industry is in a period of unprecedented structural change in which the success formulas of the past are no longer adequate. Infusion believes that in an industry still marked by strategic conformity, significant rewards await those bold enough to take a well-considered alternative path.

New strategic directions must be capable of achieving strong competitive advantage in a fast evolving market while remaining uncertainty–tolerant to ensure continued success despite potentially different market outcomes. It's a tall order – but a necessary one.

We can work with you across the entire product lifecycle from Phase II development through planning for loss of exclusivity.

The Infusion Difference

  • Focus on Value Creation – The most compelling source of sustainable competitive advantage remains creating wholly new sources of value and effectively sharing in the rewards created. We bring creativity and pragmatism to this essential task.
  • Industry Specialists – We won’t “borrow your watch to tell you what time it is.” Infusion professionals are knowledgeable industry specialists ready to contribute to your efforts from Day 1.
  • Premium on Implementability – Our recommendations are not 30,000 foot dissertations that never touch ground. We focus on actionable strategies that can be reliably implemented by the client’s organization.

Brand & Corporate Strategy Innovation Services

  • New Product Strategy – Innovative, winning strategies to unlock maximum asset value; encompasses market assessment, strategy development, indication prioritization, pricing, and resource planning.
  • Brand Turnarounds – Diagnosis of untapped opportunity potential and strategies for reigniting profitable growth of neglected or underperforming assets.
  • Market Disruption Strategy – Strategies to navigate brands successfully through significant anticipated or unanticipated disruptions in the competitive, customer or legislative/regulatory situation.
  • Market Entry Strategy – Comprehensive strategy development for clients considering investment-intensive entries into new geographic, channel or therapeutic markets.
  • Franchise/Corporate Strategy – Durable, high impact commercial, financial and organizational strategy for businesses seeking to enhance investor value in a rapidly changing market.

Selected Infusion Brand & Corporate Strategy Engagements

  • Create a turnaround strategy for a small high-acuity brand facing competition from both drugs and procedures.
  • Develop the corporate strategy and operational plan for a research house preparing for its first commercial introduction.
  • Build a completely new business model and transition plan for a hospital brand expected to experience a significant change in usage patterns.
  • Develop the post-exclusivity strategy for a major hospital brand anticipating significant generic competition.
  • Determine the market potential and development options for a diagnostic/therapeutic targeted to high-risk infectious disease patients presenting at the emergency department