Yuriko Suzuki, Ph.D. – Senior Consultant

Yuriko is an accomplished biopharma research professional who brings exceptional insight into the potential value of new products.

Yuriko earned her doctorate at the University of Tokyo and has been a Senior Scientist at three biopharma companies. Her prior research work has included early and late-stage development work with products with potential across a wide range of therapeutic areas including CNS, endocrinology, wound healing and inflammation.

Yuriko works comfortably and confidently with senior client research and marketing leadership as well as with key thought leaders and prescribers. She has the rare talent of being able to distill a vast amount of information into a few high-value, business-driving insights and conclusions.

Since joining Infusion, Yuriko has been instrumental in identifying new potential for client products and in competitive assessments. In one project, she led the technical screening of almost one thousand potential business development opportunities.

Yuriko was recently honored to escort and co-organize a lecture of Nobel Prize Winner Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi in New York City.


  • Ph.D; Biochemistry & plant physiology - University of Tokyo
  • MS; Biochemistry & Plant Physiology – Niigata University, Japan
  • BS; Biochemistry & Plant Physiology - Niigata University, Japan

Prior Affiliations

  • Sanofi-Aventis – Senior Research Investigator (siRNA project leader; endocrinology, wound healing, internal medicine)
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals - Senior Scientist (Inflammatory Disease)
  • Neurogen Corporation - Senior Scientist (CNS, neuropathic pain & metabolic disease)